About Us

Hello everyone, 
First and foremost thank you for shopping with us! We wouldn't be who we are without your love and support.
I'm Rachael and my mom's name is Andrea. Together we created Halo Mane all-natural products crafted and designed with love. Coming from a Caribbean background as well as being women of color it was imperative for us to create products that not only work but are good for you! From the inside out, My mom has struggled with her hair through the years from hair loss, balding, and shedding. After years of testing and studying, we found that natural herbs had the most impact on her hair.
As far as my hair care journey was concerned, it was so tricky finding hair care products that actually helped and worked with my curly 3C texture. My hair was shoulder-length for my entire life and never really grew or produced any length until I started making my own hair growth products. Our mission is to help you develop your mane naturally. All of our products are handmade and slowly infused. We created this brand out of love and intention for people of all colors and ethnic walks to show that the natural way is the right way.
Our products produce the most retention, stop balding, and increase thickness, and length!  It’s difficult having natural hair and not being able to find the proper products so we created our company with that in mind! We’ve designed products to treat, moisturize, and nourish your hair type and porosity. Halo Mane focuses on all-natural products to benefit any hair type that is often overlooked.
Healthy hair has become our mission and with that Halo Mane was born.
Thank you for shopping with us and supporting our company.
Luke 21:18
But not a hair of your head will perish.