What's My Porosity?

What is hair porosity, you might be wondering? Hair porosity is a measure of the hair’s ability to absorb andretain moisture. Understanding your hair's porosity level is important to ensure you use the best hair products in your daily routine. Whether you have low porosity, medium, or high porosity hair, Halo Mane has an entire product line dedicated to giving your high porosity hair the best possible. Experts in all things hair products fromhigh porosity hair products to edge gels, we use natural ingredients so that you get the best to treat your natural hair type.


It’s time to prevent damaged hair and ditch your chemical treatment products and make a new part of your hair regimen. From styling products to leave-in conditioning treatments, your natural hair will be visibly healthier and protected from potential heat damage. Not to mention, your natural frizz and curl pattern will be kept at bay to avoid early morning frustrations.

With high porosity natural hair comes some difficulty with moisture retention in your hair shaft and hair follicles. This can lead to dry hair breakage and slow down your hair growth. But with our natural high porosity hair products, you can go through your day-to-day life without having to worry about dehydrated, frizzy hair. So, add Halo Mane to your high porosity hair regimen to nourish and enhance your naturally curly hair pattern and hair type today!

Low porosity hair leads to increased difficulties with moisture retention and a lack of your natural and necessary oils reaching the tips of your natural hair. This can lead to stunted hair growth, breakage, and dry hair. Not to mention frizz and dullness can occur when your hair's porosity is not allowing for natural oils to reach where they need to.

Halo Mane can help provide much-needed hydration to your curly hair to promote hair growth and increased protection. Our line of Ayvurderic natural hair care line are designed specifically for your low porosity hair type. At Halo Mane, we do not use any harsh chemicals or artificial additives to provide your low porosity hair with the best products possible. Each ingredient in our low porosity hair care products is delicately picked to help increase your hair's ability to retain moisture. From leave-in conditioners to moisturizing hair milk, your natural hair will be happy with its new shine and decreased frizz!